Deal-5-Monster-Cleaning-New-Malden Many people hate it when they have to clean their oven and we perfectly know why. If you too are not looking forward to that particular cleaning chore, consider contacting us. We are an established and renowned cleaning business in London and we offer thorough and speedy oven cleaning services in the area.

New Malden’s health-friendly oven cleaning service

Oven-Cleaning-Content-Picture-Monster-Cleaning-New-MaldenMost of our customers express a desire to learn more about the supplies and equipment that we plan to use in order to provide them with quality cleaning of ovens and that is perfectly normal. We assure you, however, that we only rely on non-toxic cleaning products that will not contaminate the food you prepare in the cooker or the room in which the appliance is installed. And even though we have equipped our competent team of cleaners with heavy-duty scrappers and powerful steam oven cleaning machines, we promise that your cooker will not be damaged in any way during the inspection and cleaning processes. A clean oven is also less likely to malfunction or to smell in an unpleasant way. Therefore, our comprehensive oven cleaning services in New Malden will postpone the moment in which you will need to shop for a new cooking appliance.


Friendly technicians trained to clean all oven models

Extractors, ceramic or gas hobs, small or double ovens – no matter what type of a cooker you are using, our professionally trained specialists have the skills to meticulously sanitise it. Our attentive staff will clean your oven both on the outside and on the inside, removing all traces of build-up food, grease and burns from it. They will even take out the racks of the oven and clean each of them separately using eco-friendly products.

Make the most of our special oven cleaning offers

Even if you are on an extremely tight budget, you will easily be able to afford our professional services. We have starting prices of only £14 for the cleaning of small cooking appliances like microwaves, hobs and single extractors. Our small oven cleaning is available at barely £45, while our full oven cleaning costs just £77. Our prices can go even lower than that with our personalised quotes or if you book our services in certain combinations. For example, the cleaning of a hob extractor and a single oven costs only £75 with us. Monster Cleaning New Malden, can even provide you with a free of charge oven cleaning if you hire our dedicated staff for an end of tenancy cleaning that is worth more than £100. Book us now and enjoy more deals.