We have no doubt in your cleaning skills and your housekeeping habits but every now and then you should also get some help from the professionals. We have an entire team of cleaning pros who have been qualified and certified to provide top quality cleaning services in New Malden. If you let them sanitise your carpeting, you will make your home and office environment more health-friendly and extend the life of your rugs and carpets.

Full-service carpet and rug cleaning in New Malden


Monster Cleaning New Malden, are real masters when it comes to striking a balance between price and quality. Our clients love that we are able to provide them with the most comprehensive cleaning of rugs and carpets. We are not only prepared to sanitise small or large carpeting but we also clean many different fabrics both natural and synthetic. Nylon, polyester, wool or polypropylene – we will carefully inspect the fibres, fabrics and patterns of your carpets and rugs and find an adequate and timely cleaning solution. If our attentive and skilled cleaners find any stains on the carpeting, they will quickly remove them. Still, they refrain from using toxic cleaning supplies. Believe it or not but products and detergents which are 100% bio-degradable can also achieve miraculous and time-efficient results when they are in experienced hands.

Our customers can book a flexible cleaning in New Malden at super low price. For instance, the cleaning of a bathroom carpet is just £8 and that of bedroom carpets varies from £22 to £32 depending on the size of the room and the carpet itself. We will cut down half of the total price if you use our inexpensive cleaning of carpets and rugs in the area, together with our end of tenancy cleaning.

Modern equipment and advanced techniques

Our clients deserve only the best and that is why we have new-generation cleaning machines. Our reliable equipment features hot water extractors, steamers, professional vacuum cleaners and etc. The vetted cleaning technicians we employ are trained to use an extensive list of cleaning methods. One of them is also the incredibly effective and eco-friendly steam cleaning technique. With it, we can remove built-up dirt, dust mites, pollens, soil and bacteria from all carpets and rugs. If you have an allergy, our green cleaning of carpets and rugs will help you feel much better. Therefore, be quick and give us a buzz now. A friendly and experienced consultant will be waiting on the other side of the line, ready to give you a customised quote and pricing details.